A. Philip Randolph Institute
was founded in


We believe the fight for workers' rights and civil rights are inseparable.


APRI Seattle Chapter is dedicated to the development of programs that extend democracy to the disfranchised.

Participation is an essential tool in strengthening political alliances needed to assure social and economic change that improve the lives of all Americans.

To achieve these goals, the APRI Seattle believes in the creation of a broad based coalition of forces, who believe in social progress for minorities, the poor and working people.

The Labor Movement occupies a pivotal role in this alliance. It serves as a diverse organizational vehicle of working people and the principle commitment to social change. Our programs seek to enhance the role of all trade unionists.

The policies and programs of the A. Phillip Randolph Institute and its affiliates have been governed by strict adherence to the political values and principles exemplified by our founder, A. Phillip Randolph, 1889 - 1979.

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Established to continue to fight and support efforts for social, political and economic justice for all working Americans.